Priyanka Tripathi
by on July 30, 2016
The date was 7/06/2016 and I was going to Varanasi. I was travelling alone this time. I went to the airport by the ola cab from vaishali and it took me around 1 hour to reach the Indira Gandhi airport New Delhi. The day was beautiful and I enjoyed the company of the cab driver as well.I boarded my flight and reached to Varanasi in 50 minutes.
Outside of the Varanasi airport my uncle came to pick me up. The way from the airport to home was so peaceful and there were fields on both of the sides of the road and I was extremely tired after the flight. Then we reached Sarnath in about 30 minutes by car where I was going to stay. I was so tired that I just ate the dinner and slept.
So finally it was my next day there. I was in Sarnath and the place itself is so famous because lord Buddha gave his first lesson to his five pupils over there so first of all I wanted to visit that temple. It was only ten minutes from my place, so me and my cousins just walked till the place. On the way we went to the museum where are many things to see from the past Buddha age and many old weapons, symbols and all. Next we went to another place known as 'Khandhar' which was a huge field and having so beautiful view .
I didn't want to leave that place. We took some pictures near the monuments as well.
Next I went to the main temple of lord Buddha which was so peaceful at the evening. You can hear the chanting mantras by the monks which is so divine itself. Inside the temple there is a statue of lord Buddha which is made of gold, there are paintings on wall explaining about his life. On the left handside there is the Holy Banyan tree under which Budhha gave teaching to his pupils.It was almost evening but we still wanted to walk so near by there is an ancient temple of lord Shiva. We went there and at that time no one was there except us. We just roamed around the temple enjoyed the cold wind and yeah evening is the best place to go there. After all the roam we came back to our place and slept.
It was my third day and yeah the main reason of coming to Varanasi was to visit its ghats and watching the Ganga arti which happens in the evening . So I left my place around 4pm in the evening with my uncle by a car. Varanasi is such a small place if I compare it with Delhi. On the way I saw many old buildings colleges so many of people riding bicycles and it took me around 40 minutes to reach the Ganga. We can not go through four wheeler vehicles till the ghat so our car was parked 1 km before the ghat from there we had to walk. The street to the Dashashwamedh ghat was so crowded and busy. On both sides of street there are many shops and the place is more like market and when you will get near to the ghat there are stalls of statues of Gods, many handmade handicrafts, all those saints you can see. For going to the Ghat we came down by so many steps. Okay, so finally I was on the bank of Ganga. There the ghats change after 15 meters of distance and the ghat where Ganga arti happens is Dashashwamedha where many south indian women and local peole and foreigners as well can be seen. Little boys sell their toys and all which didn't make me feel good. Okay so speaking about this ghat honestly the place wasn't so clean so we just clicked some pictures and sat on the steps to see the Arti. The arti was about to begin and the time was about 7:30. The crowd was just uncontrollable. It seemed like whole Varanasi gathered there and honestly there wasn't place to even move your legs.And yeah the Arti start and yes it was worth the wait and crowd. The scene was so divine that cant be explained in words. Different people doing things in same synchronization was such a pleasure to watch. The arti took around 30 minutes to get over and after this we left from there. On our way we went to a restaurant which is located at Nadesar called Burger king. We had dinner and went to our place.
It was the next day and still there were many places to see so on this day me and my cousin left early home with a cab to the Benaras hindu university. There is a temple of lord Shiva called as Vishwanath temple which is made of white marble. Okay so this was probably the best place I was seeing in Varansi. So peaceful and there were students in the park studying. Well you can know now how peaceful that place is!
Later on there were many temples left so the next one on our list was the Durgakund where is the temple of Godess Durga and a pond where were 'Diyas' all around that, After this I went to the Sankat mochan temple and there you will see monkeys welcoming you from the gate. Its a Hanuman temple and yeah it was much crowded. Well, I was super tired by the end of the day and just slept reaching home.
The next day started and I didn't overcome with the beauty of Ganga yet so I decided to go to the ghat again but this time a more cleaner and peaceful one so me and my cousin went to the 'Assi ghat' which was so quite. I really wanted to go on a boat so we rided a boat and it took us to the other bank of Ganga where was sand all over just like a beach after spending some time there. Later we headed to home but yeah how can I forget to eat that Banarasi Pan so we had one , and honestly guys it was so refreshing that I just ate it all.
It was my last day there and I was coming back by a train. I woke up late this morning and packed my stuff. The train was in the evening and it was the Shivganga express which runs from the Manduadeeh station which was 20 minutes from my place by car.I boarded the train thinking about the beautiful place and people and came to New Delhi next morning at 8:30.
Syed Umar
Hello backpacker
Varanasi,best destiny,with Verity's food.