by on July 24, 2016
Haridwar is a religious place to visit and an opportunity to talk about spiritualism with saints. I visited every year with my mother. This year I planned my trip on 8 June 2016 on nirvana divas of mother’s guru saint Pathik Maharaja. I started my journey at 8 am on 8 June by bus. I capture each moment during the journey. It was my delightful part of my life. I reached Hardwar at 4 pm. I take auto towards Bharat Mata Temple and from there I take another e- rickshaw to sadhna ashram and stayed there for two days with maternal grandfather and maternal uncle. Then my mother and I take a bath in the Ganga, which is behind the Pathik ashram. After taking a bath, we attend in the prayer of saint. Then we sit half an hour for meditation. At night, we take dinner near the ashram. We talk to various saints and learn about the spiritualism and the true purpose of life. On the next day, 9 June we attend the sat sang. After attending the sat sang, we went for a lunch. At 3 pm, we went out to see various temples near the ashram. We enjoyed a lot.
In the evening, we went for bath in the Ganga. We also attend Ganga prayer. Until dinner, we stay in the ashram. After taking the dinner, we return to the sadhna ashram. Late at night, I read spiritual books.
Next morning we went Har-ki- Pauri. From there we return to bus stand at 3 pm. We reached Bareilly at 11 pm.
In the end, I can say that it was an excellent trip to enjoy and apart from this, it is our luck to meet with saints. I am interested to see the nature very closely and haridwar trip gave me chance to come close to the nature.
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