Pratyush Chhatwal
by on June 30, 2016

Food is something that comes into one of the top priorities that comes into your mind while traveling to a certain destination. Food is something that is really a great factor in determining the destination to be chosen for your holidays. Every place has its own food specials to offer for you. Be it the Vada Pav of Mumbai or the famous Hyderabadi Biryani and much more. But what stands out for me is my own place that is Delhi. If you are a foodie then Delhi is rightly your paradise. Be it the Chole Bhature or the Pav Bhaji or Gol Gappe you can have everything a foodie dreams about in his paradise. The lip smacking Chole Bhature or the ever tasty Gol Gappe(panipuri as called in some places) and to top it all are the numerous number of small street vendors sitting in even the narrowest streets of the city. The new trend being the coming up of momos stalls in large numbers and in the most affordable prices in the whole country. The age old Kathi rolls have too made up their place back in the hearts of the people of the city. Even with the new fast food stuff making to the Delhi markets,we have the old things such as Kachori, Bread Pakora and samosas still going strong. What Delhi is good at is adopting to every kind of food that is coming into the market and that is the reason for having such a great diversity in the food markets. You can find food here even in the most remote areas of the city and can find almost anything that you might want from breakfast stuff to lunch to snacks and all. If you are a foodie and want to see a great amount of diversity then the Food capital of the country is waiting for you. Not to forget the bakers of the city baking those wonderful Jalebis and all those stuff. My mouth has got a lot of wet in writing down this blog and really need to get a recharge of anything form above.


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