Abhishek Ghosh
by on June 30, 2016

The city of Joy is the hub of mouth-watering dishes (from street food to multiple cuisines) – the foodies’ paradise. As Kolkata is home to different cultures, various cuisines are appreciated. The city is flooded with numerous food joints. There are several food destinations, I make sure to check in, that are on my favourite-list. Be it the morning breakfast to dining, I aim to make the most out of my time to treat myself with the delicacies. The moment I step into my city I am engulfed by the aroma of the street food. My eyes, then, hunt for a food-stop to try-out the street foods. To start the day with a special breakfast one must visit the Chinatown of Kolkata. No, I am not referring to the new one that is located in Tangra. Territi Bazaar – the old Chinatown of Kolkata – is the right place to start your day with. The Chinese special breakfast, available from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., compels one to visit again after having once. Dim sums, momos, spring rolls, and sausages are available for the breakfast. Bao or Bau; freshly steamed or nicely fried, with pork and other heavenly filling, served with hot sauce is soothing and warm. The fish-ball soup is a must-have in the menu. With a pocket-pinch of Rs 100 per person, one gets to taste the king-size breakfast. A not-very-famous restaurant called Rosenberg, which serves Chinese cuisine is one of my favourites. When I enter the restaurant the smell of food doubles my hunger. It is one of the very few restaurants, I have seen, that qualify for the exact taste of Chinese dishes. Also it serves Mughlai dish. The ambience is apt for couples to celebrate anniversaries or special occasions. The music, fresh aroma surrounding the restaurant, candle-lights strikes the right chord to attract the love-birds. How can I not think of having Mughlai dish without which one does not deserve to be called a foodie? Biryani, a royal dish that age long back to the history, is such a palatable food that attracts the people to devour it. This special dish is made in almost all the occasions celebrated by the people in Kolkata. The Kolkata-style biryani is now considered to be on top of the list of various biryani styles. Oudh 1590, to me, is the best restaurant to serve Mughlai dish, especially biryani. I remember the last time I went to the eatery I had the recommended dishes-Raan biryani, Galawati kebab, Kakori kebab, and Shahi-tukda. The taste is just phenomenal. The interiors of the restaurant, exquisitely designed, evokes the days of Raj. The ambience, tantalizing smell, lights, architectural-designs of the walls, the elegant chairs and tables, even the beautiful plates and glasses mesmerize one by taking back to the times of the Mughal period. Oudh 1590 in all aspect is so palatial. It gives the feeling of entering a Mughal Palace. Why would this palace be not one’s favourite of all? In every aspect it has to be. Each time I leave the city for work, with all the sadness, I take along with me the sweet memories of savouring these dishes. Talking of the sweet memories I am reminded of the sweet shops in Kolkata, which makes the City of Joy special. Kolkata is famous for sweets. No sweet shop in the world can beat the taste of rasogolla of the sweets joint called Nabin Chandra Das. They were the ones to invent rasogolla. It is big, yet soft like a sponge, tastes so heavenly that one gets lost in the taste of it.

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