June 29, 2016 by

Although I am so much foody person and health conscious too.:sunglasses::sunglasses: But, many times when to get so bored with my home food or regular routine food. I used to go to my favourite eating or food spot. I normally don't like to go restaurants or some big lightning chaupatis.:heart_eyes: but I mostly like to eat street food normally not like paani poori or something like tangy or spicy but I like to eat the "Egg roll". one favourite spot of egg rolls which is famous for its egg roll dish. I like it because it is healthy and hygiene . and most importantly delicious. otherwise, I like very much non-veg. IN my city there is spot is famous for the "bbq" and fried fish which has no other match in my city.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::blush: I mostly like to eat this food in winters and mostly with my dad. Punjabi are actually incomplete without chicken or non-veg . hehe hehe, its common phenomena we can see . I mostly stop on the front of a stall of egg roll and like to eat standing by seeing running traffic. hehe, it feels o good. I mean we can also customise our roll according to our choice in the case street food. Hey, Bhai ! Ek egg zyada daal dena or yaar ! roll me vegies zyada daal dena "my most common words":sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. Enjoying favourite food at the favourite place is the best combination. Although home food is best and healthy food.:muscle::muscle:


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