Vrinda Aggarwal
by on June 29, 2016
Last Wednesday me and my friends had this crazy idea of literally eating up everything we laid our eyes on. So what better place to eat than the heart of Delhi? Chandni chowk! What started as an exciting yet a little deliberate trip turned out to be something more than that.
After exciting the metro station, we got to check-in in the first place on our To-eat list.Natraj. With your mouth filled with the ecstatic pleasure of desi ghee and that dahi bhalla, the rustling on the road, with no seating and having a meal like that with your friends on a Wednesday morning is a dream come true indeed. With more secrets to share and more memories to make we proceeded from there towards our next destination with a hint of fascination and excitement within all of us. And what better place to top the Natraj other than the infamous paranthe-wali-gali. All four of us decided to order four different kinds of paranthe so we ordered aloo, mixed, gobhi and paneer paranthe. To say that we weren’t satisfied with them would be an understatement. Again seating space was limited but what mattered was the urge to taste those paranthas.so we did. Personally, I loved the aloo ka parantha the most. It was the perfect amount of heavy and when accompanied with chutney, it increased the flavor ten folds. While on our way to our next conquest, we came to the realization that we probably shouldn’t have had those dahi bhallas before. So a little heads up there. We went to ghantaghar to have the nectar of the gods a.k.a. the masala lemon. We finally got to quench our thirst by drinking that and we decided to take a break. Amidst all the moving beings, we four remain still. We just sat there and enjoyed our drink. As dusk descended on us , we decided to call it day with gianis faluda. On the whole the day was well spent but we did not stop there. There were still a lot of places left to explore and as they say “chandni chowk jakar pet bhar jata hai par neeyat nai”.
So this Monday we made yet another plan to visit there but in the late hours because we were visiting Al Jawahar Jama masjid. Due to ramzan, there were loads of stalls. From chicken to mutton they had everything. Mouth watering dishes were calling for us from all the directions. So we finally to Al Jawahar. And boy was it worth it! We tried the mutton korma and its every bits was splendid. All of us sat together and had a good meal and a good laugh.
Though we missed out on some amazing places such as china ram ka Karachi halwa, haldiram’s samosa and yes a lot but there is always as second time. In our case a third time. And yes, there will be.