June 29, 2016 by
My favourite food destination :yum:
Finger licking southindian dishes at the tick of your clock……
What would you do when you lock yourself out of the house and your tummy is rumbling like
cries of battle of rats and elephants? This is an occupational hazard which i do every now
and then. The little secret is that i wholeheartedly cherish and welcome this. Because i get a
chance to visit the bestest place on mother earth, obviously in my locality, to devour the
amazing food of Madras Cafe. It is a small restaurant not very far from my place. A fresh and
earthly aroma of curry leaves and spices engulf me as i enter here every time. I mean it
literally and figuratively both. It is a humble place not very catchy and tacky. I feel like home
here. The service is also good and the demeanor of the staff is friendly. Mysore masala
dosa and uttapam are my most preferred and delicious dishes among the others what they
offer. Coconut chutney with mindblowing sambhar just takes you to the third level.
The best thing which i appreciate about the place is that everything here is prepared fresh.
Yes i usually wait after putting my order but the ride of heaven after eating the food i take is
worth it. As i am their regular customer so they treat me now with a gulab jamun as a token of their love. That is what we call icing on cake. Isn’t it! I would always like to come here because this
would forever be my favourite food destination.