Ruchin Grover
by on June 29, 2016
A foodie and a health conscious person like me living 175 km away from home for the sake of education in Chandigarh,struggled a lot in earlier days eating all sort of road side crap. I used to miss my mother a lot and specially dishes from her kitchen.
One evening I was hanging out with my friends in the nearby market and discussing our favourite topic “Rajma Chawal” when he suddenly came up with name of a small food joint “Shudh meal... Ghar jaisa khaana”. We all laughed out loud on the ironical name but we anyway decided to explore the food.
While we friends were enjoying mocking the name of the place, a healthy man in his late forties who seems to be diligent and amiable came to us and said “Paaji khaana to chakhlo fir haslena”. We ordered a thaali that not only served enough quantity to make our stomach happy but was amazingly priced for a student’s pocket.
The food was delectable and left us licking our fingers and the hospitality emanated by Paaji touched my heart and the food satisfied my hunger. The staff served the food with big smiles and overwhelming warmth also they met the benchmark of hygiene and cleanliness.
After that evening I started having meals frequently with my second family at “Shudh meal... Ghar jaisa khaana” and I must say food there has completely justified the name.
By : Ruchin Grover
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