Shridula Chatterjee
by on June 26, 2016
This summer I finally made a visit to one of India's smallest and most green state, GOA. The state is located on the Konkani Coast of India and so is very famous for it's seafood preparations. Being a Coastal state the variety and freshness of seafood is impeccable. The fish doesn't stink here like it does in Delhi. As rightly stated by Tanith Tyrr, "Ingredients are not sacred. The art of cuisine is sacred." the goan cuisine is sacred. The use of Coconut milk and flakes in almost all of it's dishes will never fail to surprise you. At the sound of it one might thing that the taste would be monotonous but trust me it isn't. Rather it's astonishing how a single ingredient can find its perfect spot in almost everything from curries to cakes!
One of the most happening shack/restaurant in Goa is Britto's, Baga. It is super crowded. If you are visiting this place during peak seasons i would advice you to book a table before hand. Upon entering the restaurant one would find a display case parading the "catch of the day". The case basically had everything from Prawns to Lobsters to King crabs. The seating of this eatery is right on the beach, literally. The menu has an amazing spread of seafood preparations and meat delicacies but with very few choices for vegetarians. For starters i ordered my all time favourite "Prawn Cocktail". This dish constitutes basically of chopped prawns in cocktail sauce and goes very well with drinks. Post that I ordered a "Seafood Platter" for main course. The dish offered a baked crab, mussels cooked in white wine, calamari in butter garlic sauce, grilled fish with chips and salad. The grilled fish that they serve is a local fish and varies since it is the fresh catch of the day. The mussels weren't chewy at all rather were perfectly cooked. The baked crab was something new to me. The meat was soft and succulent. And if you fail to order this platter fearing over eating then you must must must order something in butter garlic sauce, trust me you'd love it.IMG_20160619_135457.jpg
Another must eat eatery in Goa is Sheela. It is situated in Vasco to the way to Dabolim Airport. The seating area is rather small and compact. And the restaurant does not have a menu! Yes, you read it right. They only serve you what is available in the local fisheries on that particular day. You only have a choice over the type of preparation you want. In my case the Goan Fish Thali was readily available at that point of time. It had one Fried fish, a goan fish curry, a vegetable side prepared wish local spices and the local fat rice. If you are looking forward to try some typical goan cuisine then this is the place. It's super cheap and brilliantly lip smacking!!IMGP0781.JPG
If you are a dessert fanatic then you must not miss Geeta Bakery in the heart of the city, Panjim, the oldest in Goa. The shop is tiny but has more than 5 people working in there to handle the rush. The house made Bebinca is not to be missed. Bebinca is a pudding with traditionally 7 layers. And is Goa's favourite dessert. Other than that you will also find delicious tea cakes, pastries and cookies. IMG_20160621_174703.jpg
Also what you ought to try is the super sweet Corn cobs that are sold locally on the streets of Goa. They're fresh, juicy and super duper sweet!
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