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In the modern world where we have lost the importance of trains in our lives, this pure vegetarian restaurant named "IMLY" situated in Rajendra Place, New Delhi connects us to the old train times. I have been there a lot of times. IMLY have a good concept of eating inside the train which is the best part for a train lover like me.A great and impressive ambience with the quality food they serve adds to their perfection. It is a long train with screens inside on the walls which features different recordings of the trains. The interiors are so colourful and bright including small luggage boxes kept above the seats which gives you a real experience of travelling in the train. The concept of food is very majestic as they have a list of foods in their menu with a suffix- IMLY WAY (Like Golgappa-the IMLY WAY). It displays the speciality of their restaurant. I had a lot of dishes there including CHILLY POTATOES, DRY MANCHURIAN, STEAMED MOMOS and much more..I really had a high expectation from the food which was satisfied everytime. Everything was so perfect there be it the uniforms of the servers . Now coming to the bill it was expected to be a high one too but it was a light one as compared to their ambience. Also the bill came in a cute box with small imlis on the top. The staff is very friendly and service is also a quick one. I totally loved the IMLY WAY which made it "My Favourite Food Destination." :) :) :)
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Manav kumar
Perfect report👍
Vanshita,i like food lovers,i think yu are giddy,want to go Emily restaurant., thanks forum by yu.