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Much has changed since last few years in Gurgaon with Multiple high rises, swanky Offices, Roads are much crowded and there is no dearth of good eating out places. Earlier, a good food search would have taken us on the roads to Delhi, But not anymore. Nor does anyone want to travel great distance for a good taste, though that shouldn’t be the reason to deprive us of a good outing. The major problem faced by the citizens is the rising temperature, the need is to break the heat !
A perfect solution of all time is our very own chilled , sweet , creamier and the popular of all time " Mangle di KULFI " . Mangle Di kulfi resides at New Colony, new colony Old Railway Road, Gurgaon. Its like a landmark for many others near by. It is trusted since early days of my grand parents.
Their offerings are a literal delight to the people with sweet tooth. One would be amazed to see the quality and variety of flavors offered. Flavors include anjeer, strawberry, anaar, banana or even mango for the matter of variety. The banana is delightful and a pure " ah ! " so pleasurable. A very different flavor and better than how you anticipate a banana flavored ice cream to taste. Then a scoop of honey nut crunch " oh ! so creamy " and subtle in flavor. Anaar kulfi was beyond my imagination, flavor was similar to another "barf ka gola" but anyways hygienic and unusual. And all of these are so appropriately sweet. Special Rabdi Kulfi and Kesar Badam milk are few of its renowned delicacies which are quite popular amongst the regular customers. Ambiance of the parlor is subtle , with balanced lighting, and thematically young.
Mangle Di Kulfi also provides free home delivery service only for bulk quantities within the range of 5 KM. One can taste the scrumptious ice-creams from 10 AM to 11 PM throughout the week.The nominal expense for the ice-cream parlor goes below Rs. 100 which is quite low.
Overall, this is a full family destination for all parents grandparents and the kids. The taste is just so right, they have all good stuff to say about the place .Ice Creams are my favorite and mangle di kulfi is definitely, one my favorite food destination especially in summers. Do visit !
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