June 22, 2016 by
My favorite food destination is Goa, India's smallest state. Goa is one of the clean and beautiful states attracting the majority of the tourists from the entire world. A person visiting India would never forget to visit Goa and its attractions.
The Goan fish, the delicious Goan Thali, coconut and its different forms in the food is all just awesome. The rice with fish curry is the most famous food by the Goan people. One will never be tired trying the sea food here. Not Only a non-vegetarian variety but if you prefer vegetarian food, there are still many options here. The special Veg Goan Thali makes you lick your fingers too. Beginning from the starters, and then the main course till the deserts served, everything feels simply perfect and tasty.
Starting from the capital of the state, Panjim, there is no count of the number of restaurants here. Some of the very famous restaurants you should try are the ‘Upper House’, ‘Hotel Venite’, ‘Tuscany Gardens’, ‘Bhatti Village’ and a lot more.
There are much more destinations towards the north Goa. I love the ‘Ice Spice’ restaurant which has the perfect veg Goan Thali. Coming to the south of Goa, HQ, Lapaz are some of the restaurants that I would like to count.
Never forget to try the food in the restaurants near the beaches. Having food at the shacks has their own amazing experience.
Not only the rice with fish curry or the Veg Goan Thali, another amazing thing I like here is the tasty coconut water. You can find small shops of coconut water at various places. They coconut water here just tastes perfect. Being a state of coconut production, the water is fresh and sweet.
The best fruit I love in Goa is jackfruit. Jackfruit is prepared as a vegetable by the Goans or even eaten raw as a fruit. I love eating it as a fruit. This is another specialty that adds to Goan food.
Don’t forget to try the kokum water. Kokum is used by the people to cook various Goan dishes that can be tasted in the Goan Thali, but even the kokum water is amazing.
The Goan food is not only tasty but extremely healthy. So the diet conscious people can also try out the tasty and amazing food in Goa without any fear of their diet. The vegetarian and the non-vegetarian food, everything feels just perfect here.
It has been my favorite food destination from my childhood till today!