Hardik Mody
by on June 21, 2016

A black lustrous cone full of large mouth watering french fries covered till the top with cheese and mayo sauces, accompanied with a red velvet cake and chilled glass full of thickshake,pleasant surroundings and quite ambience, inspiring quotes in funky texts and teen scribbed walls all over, orange and black themed "adda" with the best inclass crowd surrounding you from the study-cum-fashion hub svkm colleges, the smell of french fries that makes your diet plan shy, chilli sauces that wets your taste buds, chilled shakes and exotic pastries that gives you mini food orgasms.

Yup thats the place located right amidst the colleges and classes near Vile parle. If you have been a regular traveller and u haven't seen this you are by far a jon snow(You know nothing). Keep aside your regular,tiny french fries with a monotonous salty pinch taste and tiny petri dishes of dips, you can experience a cone full of large fries literally covered with sauces dripping down as u lift away your fries with the fork. The quantity is far more than what a regular person can have for breakfast, but don't worry after a dazzling look of the cone where you will struggle to find your fries admist the sauces and the chessy-chilly taste you will have it full and then realize about your appetite. The cherry on the cake no Brewing over the coffee no *the sauces over the fries* is that these are availabel merely at a price of 100 bucks, and most of the items are below 150 bucks, so it won't put a hole in your pocket but it will definitely make a big hole in your belly with its lucius taste and chilli aroma. Customers can choose from a variety of sauces taken two at a time, So for folks who love some cheesy and hotty things with their gfs, you can try chilli cheese, for softer ones theirs mayo-cheese . My personal favourite is barbeque cheese. I would recommend all fries lovers as well as food bloggers to go there and try it once, sure I am ruining your diet plan but a cheat day spend here is " Totally worth it". This was all about my favourite food destination, keep reading, I promise to keep updating if you support this one! I hope it was legend-wait for it-dary for you all. Like and comment good things (because I need to win) if taste buds have taken control over your brain after reading this😉



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