bharti deegwal
by on June 20, 2016

There has never been a dearth of eating options in the area surrounding the DU North Campus. But it’s not very often when a standalone café makes a mark and sticks to its great reputation, even as new cafes keep coming up. Hudson Café captured my fancy for this reason.When I saw the queue of people waiting, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it made me look forward to my meal here even more! Although the area isn’t too big, this café is a happy place. You see perky colored furniture with a vintage finish, colorful wall art and a beautiful red chandelier, looking majestic yet quirky, right in the center. I think that red chandelier captures the spirit of the place perfectly. We were famished so we knew we would be able to try a few things here. Started with the Chocolate malt shake and Chocolate brownie & cookies shake for our kinda sweet beginnings. The malt used in the shake was sheer brilliance. That richness in taste was unsurpassable. The chocolate brownie and cookie shake, on the other hand, was a chunky shake with a very rich taste and creamy texture.The White sauce pasta with garlic bread was very delicious.The richness of cream, cheese and butter filled the palate and it was quite evident of the quality ingredients being used.

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