Shreyas Adapa
by on June 15, 2016
A pizza or a burger is not something which you get free if you order for service tax,but which fills in your tummy at a very pocket friendly price. And if you are a student then this turns out to be advantageous to you. So I've been to this place called KING AND CARDINAL located at a prime location in Hyderabad city,which bakes amazing cakes and makes good burgers and pizzas.
KING AND CARDINAL located at HimayathNagar serves some delicious burgers(both veg. and non.veg)
The veg. burger I recently had just has the perfect ingredients and taste. The bun is filled with the patty and then a layer of tomatoes and onions and then the delicious spread of mayonnaise which makes it even more tasty. They serve this burger with regular potato chips,a coke or a thumps up would make it quite a complete meal.
The next thing you can have a go at is the wide varieties of pastries they serve. Chocolate,butterscotch,litchi,pista,white forest,choco chips,brownies to name a few. As my love for chocolate never dies, the chocolate pastry is so soft that it feels like heaven when you cut a piece from it(chocolate lovers ❤️)
As all good things come to end,my time at the bakery was no exception. So next time you visit Hyderabad there's something more than biryani you can look forward to eat :sunglasses: ,even though nothing can beat THE HYDERABADI BIRYANI:yum:.