June 13, 2016 by

As a teenager I have always loved being woken up by the aroma of my favourite ginger tea. Tea was a platform where I bonded even closer to my parents. CHARCHA CHAI PAR became a daily routine before the day began. Never thought that growing up would mean separation from such small pleasures of life. Never thought that the daily hugs would turn into occasional visits to my own parents and CHAI ki CHUSKIYAN will never be the same. Things like such I always missed while working in Mumbai; just homesick and a longing for the morning tea and chatter with my mum. However, never know that there will come an event of SERENDIPITY. On an almost rainy day, while coming back from work, I saw something that not only was enticing with what it had to offer but also where it invited. A rooftop tea cafe called Almond Flower built in Andheri, Mumbai. I stopped my auto in the middle of the traffic and took my friend to the place. It had a nice soothing ambience with old songs being played in the background. It evoked all my memories of how I used to enjoy listening to Dev Anand songs with my dad. My friend and I took off our footwear and sat on what was a comfortable floor seating. With the wind blowing through our feet, it added even more positive vibes as we scanned through the menu to order. Relaxing and soothing as the place was, the tea served to us was no less. I just relived my moments of a playful banter and a long chatter over my favourite cup of tea.

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