by on June 12, 2016

Tired, annoyed and bored from your regular life? Of course, doing the same thing round 365 days is definitely not an easy task. How about packing your bags and landing up to a new place? Absolutely no work, no tension just a piece of happiness and thrill. Certainly it’s exciting, right? And once the wanderlust bug bites it’s even harder to resist from its “DANGEROUS” effects. Moreover, when the thought of having some mouthwatering cuisines comes into our mind, I bet none of us can easily escape from it. India is the land of diversity they say, so witnessing vivid types of food here is not a big deal. Every aisle is filled with a flavor of a certain type of food. If you want some suggestion to taste an absolutely delicious item just mug up the name, it is “Mirchi Bada”, a Marwari dish. We all know Rajasthan is a place with royal history and this exact place has given us so many toothsome dishes one of which is this mirchi bada. And you will find this bada in the city named “Jodhpur” one of the magnificent place of Rajasthan. Mirchi bada is the quintessential Marwari snack. A description of Marwar is incomplete without mirchi badas and bandhani (Tye and dye work). Passengers at Jodhpur airport are often found carrying bags full of mirchi badas to take back home. The key flavors in a mirchi bada are the tartness or khatai of the mashed potatoes, and the fresh flavors of the mirchi. Certainly you will not find such type of dish in any part of India, its uniqueness, its flavors can only be generated in Jodhpur. To be precise with the location you can visit the “JANTA SWEETS”, they serve the best kind of mirchi badas, mark my words. So, if you are a foodie like me and want to taste something different, something royal, just make an itinerary and swim to Jodhpur(Raj) right away. Besides mirchi bada, this place has a lot to offer. Every single dish you try, will force you to utter “WAH” from your mouth, people having sweet-tooth will find their kind of heaven here. So take out a little time from your busy schedule and visit this beautiful place with multi-specialty food culture.

Rajsathani cuisine is very rich and use lots of ghee. There are many best places to enjoy this cuisine in Rajasthan, Check out travel forum to know about such good plaes to eat and share your expirence on travel blog page.

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