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Making up a plan with family. Well it is basically less of the fun with family unless and until you have a lot of kid force with you (if you’re a teenager or an adult) or maybe not.
Okay so you make up a plan after long, like really long intervals and you do not want to do anything or want anyone else do anything to jeopardize it, right?
We decided to travel after two whole years to Singapore-Bali. I am blogging only for Singapore though.
Since I have already been to Singapore once we decided to skip the places already travelled which I am not going to skip in this blog.
On my first trip to Singapore, we had less knowledge about the place more dependence on the internet and our sense of research which is not always sufficient. So when you’re going to start preparing for a trip I have 3 obvious and very important tips which you should consider.
1. DO PROPER RESEARCH- If you’re visiting the place for the first time *you need to have proper knowledge about it*. If you’re not among those people who would like to visit tourist attractions and be contented with it, welcome mates! Your research should include cheapest shopping places (hello, ladies), tourist attractions (because family and you also want to), cultural festivals (if there are any at the moment, trust me you do not want to miss them), Finger licking restaurants and whatever else you think is important.
2. PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY VISITED- It’s important to trust acquaintances who have already visited the place, but not always (well I landed up in an empty mall when I did that) so it is important for you to research further on the place that person told you (you can skip the lazy in you for once, for your own good.)
3. EMPTY SUITCASES- This I swear is the most important point, two visits have made me realize you have to take empty suitcases from home so you can fill them up with things you buy at your trip, you really do not want to pay those extra thousands for just buying stuff you liked (if you’re travelling by air) or buy extra suitcases again with already enough of them to thrash stuff into them.
Okay, I’ll start off with the place now and I will combine both the trips and give you a short summary by dividing it into days.
DAY 1- You land at Changi Airport and you realize *I love this place and I want to live here, forever* it is that beautiful. I stayed in concord hotel which is in the centre of the orchard road, the shopping hub of Singapore. You literally get all branded and non-branded stuff here from Gucci to Prada, from Victoria secret to La perla and from H&M to Mango. You have souvenir shops here too.
It was all about orchard and shopping and exploring the surroundings, it is all so green and beautiful plus you have like countless birds singing at twilight which makes you feel like you’re at this bird island. There are about 45 malls in orchard at walking distances, you need not take a cab to walk around (that’s how Singaporeans are fit, I walked 10 kms on the first day, like seriously!)
DAY 2- We planned of Visiting Night safari (the first time I went) and The Singapore Zoo (the second time)
Well, you can do both of them collectively if you have those extra bucks or if you want to spend whole day watching different animals or as an option you can spend your day exploring the city and go to the night safari. Also, you can go to the Singapore zoo in the day and have some amazing dinner at an amazing place like The Halia , Tamarind (you go, Thai Lovers), UNA at 1 Rochester (amazing for the garden feels) at night.
Both are astounding, Singapore zoo providing you with amazing shows and animals, like have you seen a white peacock opening its wings on your orders or fed a giraffe before. Well, here you can do that.
In the night safari you do not travel on foot, you have a tram which makes you travel along *you have ant eaters roving free to hit your tram from time to time that’s well, amusing*
Day 3 – Best day Indeed, it was at THE UNIVERSAL STUDIO, SINGAPORE.
If you’re an adolescent , a teenager, or even an adult *I am addressing a particular audience here* (except the old people, or people who cannot walk for long)
You cannot miss the transformer ride, the mummy ride, The Madagascar boat, Battlestar Gallactica.
Also, The 7D Movie.
One day and you will have the time of your lives i assure you.
Eventually we had dinner at Latteria Mozzarella Bar, it is the most charming al fresco dining area.
DAY 4- Sentosa Island, You take a shuttle to reach the place or a cab, i took a shuttle.
It is a versatile place, I visited the siloso beach and a go-karting sort of arena, plus we had a long walk at sentosa nature discovery, it has 8 different types of habitat. It’s a staggering place.
Moreover you can visit, Madame Tussauds, Lake of dreams, Adventure cove waterpark, and I fly.
Sentosa Island is a place you need to plan before visiting, which we didn’t and we regret that. It is huge and everything is worth your time. We had dinner at Trapizza, located along siloso beach, it has an Italian cuisine, basically the best pizza in town along the beach (sounds pleasing? It definitely is.)
DAY 5- Merlion is a place where you see the lion fountain. Well it signifies a mortal with a lion face and a body of a fish (singa- means lion, it’s a sea lion) that’s how the place received it’s name you see? (some sort of jalpari maybe!) . It is at One Fullerton you can glimpse this legend at Merlion Park. Spouting water from its mouth, the Merlion statue stands tall at 8.6 meter and weighs 70 tonnes.
You have a buildings and cafes all around, with an Art Science museum located in water near Marina bay, it is stunning to see and get photographed.
We went to Clarke Quay for the Dinner again a faultless place for the purpose with many options indeed.
you can also visit Little India if you crave for the indian in you in the foreign country.
Now on certain nights and evenings me and my cousins had Wanderlust and we went on long walks and visited places we didn’t know names of which were startling and incredible, you should do that if you have company, it’s a treat for the eye and your travel experience, also, the town is very safe so you need not worry about any consequences except be a little alert.
Eventually, I would say the trip was a great success, and when you finish your travel in Singapore, you’re still on the same page *I love this place and I want to live here, forever.* It is amazing for everyone who wants to experience a foreign culture with a budget in their pocket.