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Hong Kong is arguably the hottest tourist destination in Asia, making a favorite spot for people fascinated about Asia. Famous as the most vertical city in Asia, Hong Kong has something for everyone. The wonderful, compact metropolis is endowed with natural beauty. Furthermore, this is the city where a rich Chinese culture coexists with innovative global trends. There are endless things you can do in this Asian art capital. From being a shopaholic, to a foodie, to bar hopping, and even an enlightening trip. Hong Kong has it all. You can easily get acquainted with Hong Kong being a local than being a tourist. Here are incredible ways to enjoy Hong Kong like a local. Explore the back streets of Hong Kong with the help of a local guide Hong Kong consists of many underground transit system that connects to an above-the- ground rail. Besides, there is a vast bus network to facilitate getting around. Instead of using the normal tour buses for tourists, you can opt for walking tours in the Hong Kong paths. There are many tour companies which offer back street walking tours helping tourists to experience the normal daily lives of Hong Kong people. Ride on the world's longest outdoor escalator Hong Kong happens to be somewhat hilly meaning getting around at the same time enjoying the scenic beauty might be difficult. You can comfortably travel using the mid-level-escalators and set your eyes open for the unique attractions on the streets . You can access the central to mid-level-escalator from Queen's Road Central district. On the way up, you'll have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the restaurants and shops and pass through Hong Kong's oldest street market in Graham street. Eat local foods Situated throughout Hong Kong, Dai Pai Dongs is the place where locals flock during a lunch rush. In these food stalls, you'll get an opportunity and try different delicacies such as fish balls, noodles, dim sun, seafood, stir fries, and roasted meats with options suited to every budget. Step into wet markets Wet markets are a popular spot where Hong Kong shoppers get their fresh produce at budget-friendly prices. There are wet markets throughout Hong Kong operating round-the-clock. To have a memorable experience, you can avoid the tourist markets at Mongkok's Ladies Market and get into the adjacent Fa Yuen Street market where you'll shop like the locals. It doesn't matter whether you know their language or not, buying stuff here will be absolutely easy. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and beauty with Hong Kong Massage There are both luxurious and budget friendly spas and wellness centers throughout Hong Kong where you can ease your daylight stress away by pampering yourself with a soothing massage. Experience festivities Summer, spring, winter or autumn- regardless of the time of the year you are visiting Hong Kong, you are sure to be enthralled by Hong Kong's ancient Chinese cultural celebrations, summer activities, winter wonderland of Christmas spirit, New Year's fireworks, and many vibrant festivities spread across the city. There are also many cultural festivals in the midst of this you'll not want to miss. Stay updated with all the celebrations and happenings in Hong Kong and immerse yourself in your favorite activity. So there you have it. Visiting Hong Kong presents tourists with the opportunity to revel in the unfamiliar.

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While looking for a holiday destination in Europe, some of the places that come to mind are cities such as Paris, London, and Berlin. Although these cities are incredible, they are quite far from what Europe has. By exploring some of the smaller cities across Europe, it’s possible to enjoy a more traditional and authentic side of Europe. By visiting these cities, you will get an intimate and a relaxed view of Europe. Here are the top 5 hottest small holiday destination cities in Europe. 1. Cesky Krumlov There is no other city in the world that you’ll become fond of than the charming city of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Having small cobblestone roads, bridges and even McDonalds, visiting this city will just be as if you’ve stepped into a time warp. To get the best experience, you need to visit this place during summer. Some of the things that you’ll enjoy include historic sites, museums, and architectural buildings. 2. Delft Netherlands Have you ever thought of how wonderful Amsterdam is and then think about its version? Welcome to Delft, a small city with fine cathedrals, renaissance architecture, and amazing canals. In this city, life is so slow and relaxed and people so friendly that it feels like a small town. It’s famous for its blue painted pottery, water management, and painter Vermeer. It’s also known for having some of the best canals. It’s, therefore, a city worth visiting for a holiday. While in this place, you can visit museums, take day trips or even see historic sites such as churches. 3. Dubrovnik As one of Croatia’s known tourist destination, Dubrovnik is actually one of the best cities in Europe. Apart from this, it has become a must stop for many cruise ships across the country with over 1 million visitors in 2016. Its biggest attraction is its huge stone wall dating back to around 10th century. It also has breathtaking views, cobblestone lanes, and church towers listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other must-see places included The Franciscan Monastery, The Rectors Place, Onofrio Fountain among others. Thankfully, once you’ve followed all the guidelines you can invest in Croatia real estate and get a second home. 4. Bruges in Belgium For a long time, Bruges has been one of the best tourist destination in Europe. As a visitor, you can enjoy the benefits of graceful architecture, picturesque canals and more. In short, this is a city to be enjoyed. While holidaying here, you can decide to sit out and enjoy the street life, walk along the old streets, take a boat ride through the canals or enjoy its café culture. The good thing is that Belgium is small hence Bruges is easy to visit on a short trip from Antwerp, Brussels, or Ghent. 5. Vicenza Although it’s a lesser known city in Italy, it is among the ancient cities in Italy Veneto region. Just a 1 hour drive from Venice reaching this city is very easy. This city is famous because of its many villas designed by Andrea Palladio a Reissuance architecture who came up with the Palladian style. If you are visiting it for the first time, you will appreciate its brilliance. When walking around, the best place to begin your tour is the city center. Some of the things that you will see are the commanding Palladian and the Olympic Theater. There you have it, the top 5 hottest small holiday destination cities in Europe. Visit them today and sample what they have to offer. You can rest assured that you will never regret.

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Hi..Myself Ruma Dey Baidya. I have done M.A(education), DOEACC A Level, Php etc….live in Kolkata with joint family and I have a daughter who is just 2.6 years old. I am a homemaker and love to travel very much. Whenever we got an opportunity for it, we never missed. I am not a solo backpackers, so we always try to go with groups, it also helps me to save our expenses and like to meet new people ..their hobbies .. daily routines etc. I also like to explore new destinations. As all we know that memories are not constant so I decided to document it. I publish this website not for money but for peace only. When we get old we can check it out what we have done earlier…ha ha.. This website is dedicated for those who love to travel. I am trying to put each and every experience what we faced in past. I am trying to serve as best as possible. Please note all the places and expenditure are personally experienced. If I can help anybody, I assumed this is my prize for it. Please feel free for any kind of information related to this blog. I always ready to reply. Mail id – rumadey@holidaystory.com www.holidaystory.in Thanks Ruma Dey Baidya

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Nothing can be as amazing as a road trip to manali with family and friends. One who gave you birth and one who made you do all sorts of crap. Delhi to manali road trip was fantabulous . We started our journey at 9 in the night via car during the month of May . We reached there by 7 in the evening the next day . Our hotel was a bliss . It was just so beautiful . After such a long and tiring journey a beautiful hotel ( The honeymoon inn) becomes the icing over a cake . So it was a good start to the trip . After refreshing we went to the arcade so try our sweet little hands over some games . The weather was really pleasant , it was all about chill breezes all over . The day was well spent at the dinner over a hot conversation on the weather itself . The next day was a day to solang valley . Solang valley is famous for its adventure sports so we tried a few as well. Paragliding , zorbing etc were so damn amazing . Next day was a day to Rohtang though we saw few patches of snow and nothing much . So it was kinda trek type but still quite enjoyable . Next day was a photography day which summed up our short little trip to Manali . Things to keep in mind while planning a trip to Manali : - Keep medicines handy for mountain nausiac people . - Keep the month in mind while planning so you can also enjoy the snow at Rohtang . - Have patience while searching for your hotel as the roads are quite narrow. - Do not overeat before travelling because it takes time to reach from one place to another.

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Puri is a well known family destination spot, popular for its beaches and temples. It is located in Odisha and lies on the eastern coast of India, towards the Bay of Bengal. Puri not only lures people to its sandy beach, but also to its various temples which hide within themselves a rich heritage of the ancient Indian era. The most popular attractions are the Jagannath Temple, the Swarga Dwara (literally translated to Gate of Heaven) and the Golden Beach. My family chose to visit Puri because of its intriguing culture and the warm embrace of the Golden beach. Also, my mother had been there before and wanted to revisit the place in her memories. So my father booked tickets for the four of us on the 21st of September, 2017. There are 47 trains which go from Howrah to Puri. We took the Howrah- Puri superfast express (12837) which is at 10:35 pm. The train left on time and the journey was comfortable. The train was clean and reached us to Puri on time at 7 on Friday morning. The railway station is really worth praising. The cleanliness of the station is worth praising. It has been designed well, keeping in mind the temples that Odisha is famous for and giving a visitor the initial welcome to the breathtaking beauty of the land. We took an auto rickshaw to our guest house, Sagarika Air India Co-operative Guest House, which is located behind Puri’s famous lighthouse and is a few yards away from the beach. The weather is really blissful in the morning and cool winds blow fiercely near the beach. Yet as the day passes it starts to get warmer and the nights are much cooler than the days. There weren’t many people on the beach during the day, maybe because we went on an off season, but as the evening approaches, the beach gets crowded with local hawkers selling food and artificial jewellery. The sea is boisterous but playful and one can expect to have a good time at the beach. The camels with their owners, roam the stretch of the beach from dawn till dusk, giving both children and adults the fun-filled experience of camel rides. On the second day we went to the famous Jagannath temple, known for the Rath Yatra which is a chariot festival celebrated every year in the month of June or July. It is a public procession with a chariot with the idol of Lord Jagannath seated inside. The temple is astoundingly beautiful especially when the sun rays hit the pinnacle of the temple. It is one the four places of the famous pilgrimage called the ‘the Char Dham’. The temple has been dated back to 1174 CE. The entire temple is made of stone and copper with carvings of Lord Jagannath, Lord Vishnu and other deities. It has a profound and intriguing history behind it. The magnificence of the temple has not diminished with age. However it is currently going through some major renovations. Overall the visit to this temple will leave you in awe. The next day we went to the Konark temple (also undergoing renovation), also known as the Sun Temple.It took us approximately forty five minutes by car from the guest house. It is one of the most visited places in Puri. The temple is dedicated to Surya, the Sun God. The temple complex is not big, but every inch of the space that it occupies is filled with elegant beauty. The stone paved floor, the lush gardens, stone statues and even the massive temple itself and everything inside is a testimony to the skills put in by the artisans that made Konark. Both the compounds of Jagannath and Konark are secured by the local police and the temple entrances are properly supervised without any chaos. From Konark we went to the Chandrabagha beach. It was really quiet and calm, unlike the busy shores of the Golden Beach. It is at this beach that one can find the local fishermen community. The beach is small and perfect for walks, especially in the evenings. The sunset is amazing to watch from here. After that we went back to our resort near Golden Beach via the Konark highway which is parallel to the beach. The experience was one of its kind, driving along the beach for forty five minutes from Chandrabagha Beach to our resort. We returned to Kolkata the next day. We took the Puri-Howrah superfast express (12888). Overall, our Puri trip was not only a fun experience but one of learning and bonding as well. Those evening walks along the shores let you indulge in sharing and discussions with your family and friends. The rich cultural heritage and history teaches you a lot not only about the place but about you as well, reminding you of the larger family and belief system that we all belong to. Puri gives you a profound peace and instills infinite amazement at the wonders of nature and the man kind combined. Watching the waves of the sea caress the shore allows you to temporarily escape your anxieties and you wish you could sit there for eternity without any passage of time. Puri will be a place from where you will not be able leave without making wonderful memories. .

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Travel Trip to Rishikesh Rishikesh is a city in Uttarakhand in Indian in the Himalayan foothills which is very famous for river rafting , bungee jumping , hiking , etc. I , after completing my 1st year graduation examination planned a trip to Rishikesh along with two of my friends. Thrilled about everything from adventure sports to the pleasant weather which we were going to experience in the usually hot month for us , the North Indians , that is April. It was a two days' trip . With our backpacks filled with clothes , accessories and excitement , we took a bus from New Delhi to Rishikesh. It took some good seven hours to reach the destination and we reached Rishikesh at 5 in the morning. The weather was cold and the scenic beauty was just flawless. After much struggle , we finally got rooms for ourselves by 7 a.m. wherein we relaxed for a while then we headed towards exploring the city. After viewing the city on day 1, we went for rafting which was worth Rs. 500 per person, No ! Actually it was worth much more as it gave us a life cherishing experience. We rafted for some 16 Kms which took four hours . The highs and lows which we were experiencing during the rafting reminded me of life which is full of highs and lows but the best part is everything is so temporary to be extremely sad or happy about . Therefore , we need to maintain neutrality and stability in our lives. After the tedious and fun rafting all we could afford to do was to eat and sleep and thus ended our day 1. On day 2 , we checked out of the hotel and visited Lakshman Jhoola which, I swear is one heaven of a place in Rishikesh. We were all busy viewing the scenic view and kept gazing for hours. Post this , we possibly went to all the markets in the city and had fun bargaining ! Day 2 was comparatively a less tiring one as after side seeing and Shopping we took the bus back to Delhi and thus ended our trip. Though it was a two days' trip , the memories and the experience it extended is life lasting . Dear Readers , Rishikesh is a damn beautiful place so you got to plan a trip to this place as it is reasonable and well as ravishing. :revolving_hearts:

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Mumbai , so called "The city of dreams" one of the most densely populated cities of India.Located on the coast of Arabian sea, is one of my most favorite travelling destination in India. It is a place which already stood up whatever the situation may be . Whether it is flood or Terrorist attacks , the city has determination to never say die. It is the center of Bollywood. My journey starts with a train "Avantika Express". As it was my first time that I am visiting Mumbai, So ,I was very badly, excited to see the city and its culture.After having a tiresome journey of 13 hours I reached there with my family . I stayed at my Aunt's house located on 23rd floor of a building giving me a dazzling view of the whole city. I visited in the month of December , so the weather was little cold and slightly humid also . As it is located on the bay of sea so the humidity was expected by me. Now, my five days journey has just began and I was pretty excited for it. My day was started by visiting the Gateway of India , we took local train to Churchgate because Gateway Of India was near from the station. It was a huge monument with thousands of Pigeons flying over our head. We have done photo session there and then my favorite part begins which is "Street food" we had Vadapaav ,bhel , paanipuri , etc. The taste was really awesome and mouth watering . After having lunch we had towards Elephanta caves it was near Gateway Of India the local people calls it "Gharapuri" . The expedition from Gateway Of India to Gharapuri was one of my favorite part in this whole journey because It was a boat tour .I reached there in nearly 2 hours. I saw various sculpture from stone age about which I once read about them in my school books. They were sculpted so, beautifully which I can't express in words. After that we returned home. In next two days we visited several places like Hanging gardens, Siddhivinayak, and my favorite Juhu beach. The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. This beach is known to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India and is situated in 'Ville Parle'. I was sitting on a beach experiencing the cold breeze coming from sea and touching my body, face . That feeling was the best as the sunset was starting the sun was slowly going down making the whole environment more mesmerizing than before.It was the last day of our travelling schedule but the moments I enjoyed were unforgettable. On fourth day we visited some nearby markets , done shopping and explored the local area . The best place for shopping is the Dadar market where you can find best clothes, accessories, etc. At much lower rates with good qualities . I purchased some pairs of T-Shirts, Shades, watch,etc. This stuff was so cool and awesome. After, reaching home we had dinner and enjoyed the night life of Mumbai. Next, day we headed towards Indore and my journey was over . I can't forget the moments I enjoyed there and would recommend you to visit here at least once.

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A TRIP TO DELHI I and my family headed towards Delhi by taking a flight from Ranchi Airport. We were on 3 days trip. We travelled in Indigo Airlines.it was a nice experience. I basically enjoyed the clouds. We landed in Delhi within 2 hours. We took cab and went to a hotel. The hotel was in Paharganj named as The Grand Plaza. The hotel was very near to Delhi Railway Station. The hotel room was very nice. I was very excited to visit The India Gate though I have visited before. So , we went there in the evening. I enjoyed the environment while having cotton candies . After spending a lot of time there , we came back to our hotel. Next day I was excited to explore Delhi. We got ready and got up into a cab and went to the Red Fort. Red Fort is very beautiful place. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the fort. We took the ticket and went inside. As we entered, a market called Meena Bazaar was there. Different kinds of handcrafts, jewelleries and many more things were found. Passing that we reached to the Darbaar of Akbar. After that we went to lotus temple. There it was so much peace which relaxed my body and mind. It is really a beautiful place. The peaceful environment was very relaxing. In evening, we went for shopping in Palika Bazaar. One thing that took my attention was a very tall national flag of our country at the central park which was situated in front of the Palika Bazaar. It was moving with the flow of air with pride. Seeing the flag, I felt very proud. Next day as it was my birthday, in morning went to Sree Laxmi Narayan Mandir for blessings of god . from there, we went to Qutub Minar. I was amazed to watch the tall monument. We spent some time there. Next day I had my flight back to Ranchi. With heavy heart I departure from Delhi and arrived to Ranchi .

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After a session of real hard work, holidays are one thing I look forward to. Holidays refresh the mind and are a welcome break that everyone yearns for. During holidays I love visiting new places and experience new things. Visiting coastal areas and beaches has always fascinated me. During the winter break I visited my all-time-favourite destination - Goa, with favourite travel companion my Mother It was a two-hour flight from New Delhi and I was at Dabolin airport - Goa with my Mother. We headed for South Goa to a seaside resort which I had booked well in advance. The ride to the resort was lively and enjoyable in a booked taxi. We checked in the resort and after resting for a while I along with my mother headed to Colva beach, which was a stone's throw from our resort. The sun was overhead, the shimmering water and the golden sand. After spending a couple of hours on the beach we came back to the resort. We had a great spread for lunch which we relished to the last dish of the menu. The evening was a leisurely tea with snacks. The setting sun brought a bornfire and under a natural canopy of shining stars we had our dinner. Next morning we left for North Goa in a taxi. This was the day where I and my mother basked in the sun and drenched ourselves in the sea at the beach of Calangute and Vagator. The cool blue water of the Arabian Sea cooled and relaxed me and I couldn't wait to feel it's soothing effect on me. Our day ended with a cruise on the River Mandvi and the Arabian Sea. During the cruise I got the real feel of Goa as a troupe performed Konkani and Portuguese songs and dances for us. We woke up to a very adventurous and exciting morning. We did various activities such as Para-sailing, water-scooter riding and speed boat riding. We visited old Goa which is well known for its Churches. We did not miss out on shopping at the local handicrafts every evening either. The memories of this journey with my mother will always remain etched in my mind.

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I was in Pune last Diwali to stay with my sister for 2 weeks. I had this plan to trek the Lohagad Fort for so many months. But I didn't know that I'll be all by myself while trekking. But I was prepared and ready for the adventure to undertake. I took a train from Chinchwad to Malavli. From Malavli I had this option to take a local transport that would take me to the fort itself. But I decided not to take the shortcut and I started walking up the road which I think was one of the best decisions of my life. It was quite sunny that day so I knew it was going to be tough but I was ready for the challenge. The view around me was so beautiful that I almost forgot about my destination. It is said that the journey is most important than the destination which I could well realise that. The local people were very friendly to guide me to my destination. While walking uphill I found a fountain which was so calm and soothing to my eyes. I was so mesmerised by the beauty of nature that I couldn't even feel that my legs were hurting. In the middle of the trek I felt really tired as it was too sunny out there. I often took break to drink some water. But somehow I pushed my till the first step of stairs of the Lohagad Fort. The stairs were very slippery as the stream of water was always coming down the hill. It was challenging to move up. There were so many monkeys around to disturb you as well. When I reached the top of the stairs I found large valley of flowers. That was a surprise for me because I didn't expect that at the top. The final challenge for me was the famous Scorpion Sting. There was a very risky cliff where one has to walk down just by the edge of the cliff. I had to climb down few rocks as well. There were no such barriers beside me for protection. So I had to keep my eyes on each and every footstep. After I reached the very end of the cliff, I simply sat down and stared at the beauty of mother earth. The greenery, the wind, the sun - each of them touched all my senses. All my hard work, the pain I suffered, each drop of sweat was worthy enough to get the glance. I was not alone. I knew the whole world was with me. I sat on the lap of mother nature and listened to each music it produced which is still ringing in my ears. (The Scorpion Sting)