Ajay Khare

Lives in Mumbai, India 63 years old Male
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MARRY Garang
Hello, My name is Marryann I saw your profile  today on (echutti.com) and get interested to know you here is my email ( marryan66@hotmail.com ) send me an email so that i will send you my photos and t...View More
Tara Boston
Hello nice to meet you, am Tara Boston from UK, am new here and t happens that you are the first person i have viewed his profile and it pleased me to know you more, but i will not be on here always b...View More
Join in if it makes sense, 😊
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Discovering life
Exploring Hampi from 24.12.2017 to 26.12.2017. Will welcome conversations over evening tea and/or dinner!
Any one ?
Made a short one day trip to Trimbakeshwar from Mumbai. Roads were fairly good. Clocked 180 kms in 4 hours one way. I am not into religious tourism. Today's trip was an exception. The management of te...View More
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