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By: on January 23, 2020
Kangen water is the name that is used to refer to the water that is created through the ionization technology of an Enagic product the Japanese manufacturer of the ionizer. However, the kangen water can originate from various sources. For instance, it can come from your tap water or from other natural sources. However, you need to take the source into consideration whenever you choose the appropriate product. An Enagic product can be used to filter tap water, but that isn’t its primary goal, bu...
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By: on December 21, 2019
Water ionizers are no more a matter of Lifestyle or luxury. Nowadays people are conscious and are becoming aware of their health and the environment. Time have changed and now people are switching over to Alkaline ionized water. This switching over has now become the combined wisdom of the entire family rather than a single member’s choice. And there’s no better time to switch over now to alkaline ionized water from bottled water or tap water. What’s make it more exciting is that the water i...
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