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ABOUT ADVENTURESOME: Adventuresome (Footslogger pvt. ltd.) is basically an organisation of Adventure travel and outdoor enthusiasts which organise treks, hikes, biking events, exploration events, outdoor activities and adventure activities. Apart from this we organize events for kids, families and corporate offices based on different themes. The playful journeys, the unforgettable destinations, the mesmerizing beaches and the mighty mountains which used to be in your bucket list are now in our event list. So weather you are an old soul or a new energy, secretly filling your travel journal or blogging to tell the whole world, weather its your kid, your parents or you. Travel with us into the nature and explore your untold story through the voids of the woods, fill the gaps of those woods by your presence and connect yourself. Adventuresome is your gateway to all kinds of exciting adventure activities, trips to awesome travel destinations and experiential journeys. This platform is to create a new future our dreams in which people are more outgoing, risk taking, not afraid of the unknown, more connected to the natural world, a responsible world citizen, rational thinker, doer, accepting and happy and from our experience "travelling will help us becoming that". WHY US? NEW TRAILS, NEW EXPLORATIONS: We offer a variety of destinations which includes treks in Western ghats, treks in Eastern ghats, treks in Himalayas, Beach treks, visit and exploration of historical places with a touch of Adventure. EASY BOOKINGS: Booking your experience with us is easy and hassle free. We provide a variety of online booking platforms which includes user friendly Payment links, UPI, PayTM or internet banking for direct bank transfer. PASSIONATE TEAM MEMBERS: We believe that doing what you love is the key of happiness. And all our team members, Outdoor leaders, and support team members are passionate travelers who loves to explore and connect with the world and the travelers on board with them. They will take care of all the things from your Safety and security to your needs during the travel, the moment you book for your experience with us. UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: At the end what really matters is the experience, company of some amazing people having their own unique stories, the journeys full of life, the destinations full of amusements, the treks full of adventure and the camps in the most peaceful and picturesque places. All this with the young enthusiastic outdoor leaders and your fellow travelers who will become your life long travel buddies sharing the same experience. LINKS TO ADVENTURESOME PLATFORMS: Checkout our platforms and stay connected 😎 Website: Facebook Page: Facebook event subscription: YouTube: Instagram: LinkedIn (Adventuresome page): LinkedIn (Adventuresome profile): Twitter: Meetup (Bangalore): Google+: IMPORTANT: Through Facebook event subscription and Meetup you can get the email notifications as soon as they are published. CONTACT DETAILS: Website: Email: MOBILE (CALL/WHATSAPP): 8892203272 / 8553936570
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