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We are a group of passionate travelers in Infosys who plan and go on a long weekend trips to explore several destinations across the globe. Who can join Infosys Travel Club? Infosys Travel Club is for all Travel Enthusiasts staying in and around Infosys. You may be an individual Backpacker, Trekker, Hiker, Adventure Traveler or you may be someone interested to getaway on a long weekend luxurious group trip with family and friends or you may be someone who is looking for a travel companion for next trip, you are welcome to join as far as you are passionate about travelling. Why should you join Infosys Travel Club? Infosys Travel Club is committed to provide best tour experience in every trip with loads of fun. If you are a passionate traveler from Infosys and want to share your travel experience with other tourists and have fun in your next trip, then Infosys Travel Club is the right place for you. What can you expect being a part of Infosys Travel Club? We conduct regular meetups to get together with travelers in Infosys where we encourage members to leverage our network to plan next trip preferably on a long weekend and also you are welcome to share your tour experiences in the past. Disclaimer: No content that is harmful to minors, obscene, objectionable, or in violation will be tolerated and may result in removal from the group. Please remember that users and/or event organizers are solely responsible for their events created, comments and/or information provided. This group is not a dating site and any misconduct will not be entertained.