What are the mandatory vaccinations required to enter Russia?

  • MMR- measles/mumps/rubella
  • Poliovirus vaccines
  • DPT- diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus

NOTE: Tourists need to consult a travel agent for latest and updated information on required vaccination prior to their departure to visit Russia.

Other optional but recommended Vaccination for Travellers visiting Russia:

  • Typhoid
  • Rabies- especially for those who is visiting rural areas
  • Japanese encephalitis- especially who are visiting too far east.
  • Hepatitis-A
  • Hepatitis-B

Other health risks: Malaria

What type of Health Insurance is valid for Tourists or Visitors in Russia?

  • Consult your medical service provider for the facilities related to the medical terms that will they cover emergency expenses.
  • Basic medical amenities are less as compared to the western countries.
  • Many medical situations accept cash.

NOTE: Tourists or Visitors need to consult medical travel insurance providers and/or travel agents to know details about insurance policy limitations in Russia and whether it covers all expenses or not in case of medical emergency during your stay in Russia.

Health tips while travelling to Russia:

  • Carry full medical prescription and the basic medicines which can be used in general like: stomach ache, joint pains etc. But must cross check the drugs which you carrying with you may be banned in that country.
  • Prevent insect bites.
  • Sanitize your hands always.
  • Drink bottled water only.

NOTE: While you are recommended to carry prescription from home country some medicines may not be legal or available in Russia. Travellers are recommended to consult a travel agent and medical advisers for alternative medicines in Russia.

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