How to dress for a business meeting in Iraq?

How to greet or address a professional in Iraq?

  • When it comes to business, Iraqis are quite formal.
  • When you meet someone, you should say ‘AsalaamuAlaikum’, to which the reply will be ‘WaAlaikum Salaam’.
  • Handshakes are common and should be accompanied with eye contact as well as a smile.
  • The Iraqis shake hands for long sometimes. You should understand this and not feel awkward. Don’t try to free your hand before the other person does so.
  • Men shouldn’t try to shake women’s hands unless they give such indications.
  • Giving business cards is a common practice.
  • As you are engaging in business in the Middle East, it would be nice if you could print one side of your business card in the Arabic Language.
  •  If you are invited to something, accepting that will be considered respectable.
  • Inquire about the physical well-being of the other person.
  • Like in social life, greet the senior-most people first in business arenas too.

What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Iraq?

  • Power positioning plays an important role in business arenas. The person who is at the highest level of the company will dominate the meeting. The juniors will only assist the senior with technical information and advice.
  • Submit the agenda of your meeting prior to the meeting written in the Arabic language. If you will be accompanied by people, send their names and credentials along with the agenda too.
  • Though major decisions of the company will be made by the highest power, the opinion of stakeholders, and other experts will matter. The latter people could be present in the meeting.
  • The meeting may get disrupted by telephone calls as well as by people walking in regularly. This should not be seen as an aberration as it is quite normal in Iraq.
  • Even while you are speaking, Iraqis may keep on discussing important matters on their own. They may also stop you at times, if they feel the need to communicate something. Their speech can be very loud, for the purpose of putting their thoughts across.

What is the proper way to communicate in Iraq?

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