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By: on September 23, 2016
My dear fellow travellers, before this title initiates an argument let me clearly explain what I mean by disadvantage. Being a travel lover I have always felt that there are no disadvantages of ‘travelling’, but now I feel there is a disadvantage. And yeah, as the title clearly suggests there is just one, which is actually a disadvantage in my perspective. So, the disadvantage I am talking about is ‘NOSTALGIA’. It simply reminds us of our happy past which in reality is painful, as, our ‘today...
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By: on September 21, 2016
“INDIA”-This five letter word may just sound as a ordinary piece of land to people who haven’t visited it.but,in reality it is a living nationality with people following such cultures and customs which were originated at the time when many of the present-day countries were not born. This tropical country is very hot in summer but still proves its diversity with the very existence of hill stations in the Himalayas.One such hill station is “MANALI” in the lap of Himalayas and considered as a ...
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