Akshit Chauhan

Lives in Noida, India 23 years old Male
Akshit Chauhan
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Avid Traveller, reader, writer...
Travelled a lot of India, a lot more to go...
Delhi, Rajasthan, Dar...View More
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MARRY Garang
Hello, My name is Marryann I saw your profile  today on (echutti.com) and get interested to know you here is my email ( marryan66@hotmail.com ) send me an email so that i will send you my photos and t...View More
Akshit Chauhan
I'm planning a solo backpacking trip to Lahaul-Spiti Valley this May end or June start 2016. I would be doing a complete circuit Delhi-Shimla-Spiti(covering all destinations along the way)-Manali-Del...View More
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Hello Akshit.. What is the mode of transportation?
Akshit Chauhan
Hitchhiking, buses & shared cabs.
Akshit Chauhan
Akshit Chauhan
updated his profile information.
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